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The Instruction Interest Group (IIG) of the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) goals include 1) sharing teaching expertise and resources, 2) supporting continuing education activities and 3) promoting the instructional role of academic libraries. We seek blog posts in support of these goals.

We are particularly interested in the following topics, but will consider any proposal concerning instruction and academic libraries:
— Innovative uses of instructional tools (particularly those related to new technologies)
— One-shot instruction ideas
— Keeping instruction interesting
— Collaborating with departmental faculty
— Assessment (of one-shot sessions, of the program, of librarian teachers)
— Impact of the revision of ACRL’s IL competency standards on instruction|
— Teaching and learning with web scale discovery

Proposals should include a brief description of the chosen topic and should provide at least one outside source (articles, videos, slideshare presentations, infographics) related to your own work or work of another – properly cited, of course. Accepted proposals will be assigned a due date.

Want to blog for IIG?  

Submit blog proposals with this form:


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