Instruction Interest Group Spring 2015 Workshop Recap

At the ALAO Instruction Interest Group Spring 2015 Workshop, “Making Connections: Embedding Information Literacy across Your Curriculum, participants connected to strategies and tools to help them build partnerships at their own institutions.

Joe Salem on creating partnerships

Joe Salem on creating partnerships

Aligning Strengths

Aligning strengths with 3rd party partners









Dr. Joe Salem, Associate Dean for Learning, Undergraduate Services and Commonwealth Campus Libraries for the University Libraries at Penn State University, highlighted approaches for librarians to best share their story and articulate what librarians can bring to the table in his talk on “Lifelong Partnerships for Lifelong Learning.” During an interactive segment, Dr. Salem encouraged librarians to pinpoint opportunities and curricular problems and align strengths with possible third party partners.  When visiting departments and reaching out to faculty, librarians should avoid “turf” and instead focus on student learning and outcomes.

Ann Marie Smeraldi giving advice about campus partnerships

Ann Marie Smeraldi giving advice about campus partnerships

During the afternoon session, “Get the Party Started: Campus Collaborations that Support Information Literacy Initiatives,” Ann Marie Smeraldi, Head of Library Teaching and Learning Services at Cleveland State University, provided tools for librarians to explore possible collaborations. Librarians should think about the current situation at their library and institution, what is happening around them, what they want to create, what is important for their library to do now, and how they will get there. Smeraldi also encouraged librarians reflect on where their goals intersect with campus partners and what issues the library can solve for their partners. Participants were given worksheets to help them identify library assets, target populations, current and potential partners, and campus partner needs and solutions.

The ALAO Instruction Interest Group would like to thank Joe Salem and Ann Marie Smeraldi for sharing their own experiences and knowledge. Thanks also to all of our workshop’s attendees. We hope you will be able to use the insights you gained from the workshop at your own institutions.

Dana Knott
Library Coordinator, Columbus State Community College

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